Water Projects

Holy Prophet(ﷺ) said that to give someone water to drink, is the first charity a person can make. Thus after following the footsteps of Holy Prophet (ﷺ) and listening to the sayings of Sahaba-e-Karaam, all those people who love ALLAH SWT and His Prophet (ﷺ) take the responsibility to provide water to the ones who are thirsty. By the grace of God, Ad’deen-u-Naseeha Foundation Welfare Trust, in order to be a source of pleasure for these beloved people of ALLAH SWT uses its experience and individualistic strength to ensure the arrangement of water for everyone.

Requests from far flung areas are properly analyzed and after complete investigation and keeping in mind the place, procedure for provision of water gets started, currently we are providing our services like digging of wells and arrangement of water motors, In future INN SHA ALL we will also provide solar coolers, retrieval of water from under the ground, filter plants of water. This ultimately, becomes a means of forgiveness in our life after death.